DigestaCure Review — Is it just a scam?

DigestaCure is a promising product at a glance.

DigestaCure review - a bottle of DigestaCure

It claims to cure or improve an incredible range of issues related to gut health, autoimmune disorders and the like.

But! There are some fairly scathing DigestaCure reviews out there, which make me question if all is as good as it seems with DigestaCure.

My DigestaCure Review

Just to be clear, the DigestaCure reviews and product comments are based on my own research and not experience. I haven’t tried the product just yet.

My thoughts are just conclusions I’ve reached from the research I’ve done, and of course the product does seem to work for some people. This article is just to raise some awareness, so inform buying decisions.

What People do NOT Like about DigestaCure

NetBusinessReview.com — Is DigestaCure a Scam?

The review site, NetBusinessReview.com, share several bad experiences of DigestaCure consumers. Here is an account of one:

A patient who was visibly suffering from TD (tabes dorsalis) which is a chronic inflammation in body parts could see no hope in antibiotics and bumped up against DigestaCure. After consuming the dosage recommended in the product, there was not even a slight improvement which made him call the customer support. One of the the customer care executive suggested him to consume approximately eight pills a day till he was cured from TD. Upon consumption, his health got worst by painful bowel movements and blood in stool. The patient called the customer support again for a refund to which he was responded with a joke and sadly, it ended in a war of words.

WebMD Forums — Be cautious!

On The WebMD.com forums, a member of staff shared a Dr. Mark Stacey’s comments in evaluating medication like DigestaCure:

I want to share a response from Dr. Mark Stacy , an expert with our Parkinson’s Community. He recently addressed similar types “curing” products.

“I appreciate you allowing me to say for the record:
I believe it is unconscionable for anyone to prey on the desperate hopes of someone with an illness for the purpose of profit.
If anyone offers these promises. Ask them how they have proven the product works. If they do not say through 2 double blind placebo controlled trials, and FDA or EMA approval, the product has not been assessed for safety and efficacy by government regulatory agencies.

We all know that crohn’s and colitis symptoms, treatments, diets and medications vary drasticially from one member to another. What has worked great for some has had frustrating results for others.

So, bottom line, be cautiously optimistic in any product you may choose to try.”

ComplaintsBoard.com — Bad DigestaCure Experiences

The following bad experience was posted on the ComplaintsBoard.com:

I bought 3 bottles at a cost of $427.00 and had no improvement They have a money back guarantee that if you take as directed for the minimum amount of days according to your condition and are not satisfied with your level of progress you get your initial investment back. I bought 3 bottles at a cost of $427.00, had no improvement and they told me to get more and continue taking the product. I bought another 3 bottles at the same price. No improvement after 7 months on it.They gave me 90 days and after that I was supposed to receive my money back. I called them and they gave me a hard time. Would not give my money back!!!source

That forum thread gets quite nasty, read more DigestaCure reviews.

What People DO Like about DigestaCure

The positive reviews I’ve been able to dig up are on DigestaCure. Which I found through the reviews link on the official DigestaCure website.

Here are a few of the positive reviews listed:

Glad I got this email from you. I am 100% symptom free: Here’s what this means:
I had both Ulcerative Colitis and Hyperactive Thyroid (Hashimoto’s Disease). Thyroid was out of range about 3 to 4 times higher than normal.
With UC, I had bloody stools, diarrhea, lost 32 pounds – felt terrible – and I thought I might die. Different blood tests were all terribly out-of-range: sed rate, C-reactive Protein, CBC.
Over a month ago, everything – and I mean EVERYTHING – was totally normal and in-range.
Everyone I meet with any kind of auto-immune problem, I tell them about Digestacure! Thank you so much for this product. My Doctor says I should eat a gluten-free diet – and I am working on that.
I attribute my miraculous and fast heal to Digestacure! — Ned McCrink (source)

And another incredibly positive experience:

I was diagnosed with Celiac Disease 12 years ago after consulting with six specialists concerning my problems. I had osteoporosis, anemia and extreme fatigue. I was just sleeping my life away. Finally, one doctor recognized the symptoms while treating me for anemia that didn’t improve with the iron he prescribed. Some symptoms let up when I quite eating wheat, rye and barley. The diarrhea continued but on a milder basis. As the years went on the diarrhea increased until I felt like I was prepping for a colonoscopy on a daily basis. I was afraid to eat or to go anywhere. I was later diagnosed with IBS and told that I was lactose intolerant.
Then a friend introduced me to a man who used Digestaqure. Before he found Digestaqure he suffered from colitis that was so bad he had to wear a diaper. I decided it was worth a try. I thank God that I was told about Digestaqure because it changed my life! I have been using it for a year and I feel like a normal person. The diarrhea is gone. I am able to eat most everything. I quit the prescriptive medicines. I now have a life! It was a miracle and an answer to prayer.—Naomi Rymer

DigestaCure Verdict

DigestaCure claims to treat the underlying cause of a million and one diseases, autoimmune misfiring. And the product consists almost entirely of aloe vera extracts. It is NOT FDA APPROVED.

I’ve done some further research and found several products that are Aloe Vera based, like DigestaCure. And are distributed through several channels.

DigestaCure it seems, is only available from their website. The downside to that is seeing real independent reviews.

A product that has good reviews and in my opinion a much better and safer option is Leaf Origins Essentials Cultures.

I Recommend Checking Out Leaf Origins Essential Cultures. Positive Reviews and Good Customer Service